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If it's one thing I can't stand, it's unreliability. No! Maybe it's retards with no brains. Hmm. No, wait! People who are untrustworthy! Gotta hate them, don't you?
Well, lucky I know one person that's all three, isn't it? Who just happened to be the best person to ask for a lift to a work training thing across town. No, surprisingly, he didn't forget. He turned up to work, which is where we'd arranged to me. But he just drove right past where I said I'd meet him. Luckily, my mother took her lunch early, and she usually wanders over to the shopping center where my work is situated. I was waiting in line to get some cash out for a taxi when I saw her and told her what had happened - she was good enough to give me a lift over to where I had to go. My colleage was already there; I didn't bother talking to him, I was way too pissed off for that. I just did what I had to do and got out a couple of hours early, and got a taxi home. Oh well. Shit happens.

I was riding in the taxi and just made idle chatter about the new registers that would be in place soon, and what I'd been doing in training. But driving along.. just letting the sun caress my face.. it was very nice. I do tend to stay inside much too much.. I felt the sun's wrath just beat upon my cheek like it was burning. But I didn't cover it or turn away.. I hadn't felt the sun so strong and so lovingly for ages. It was nice. And then, driving along, lost in my own thoughts, the taxi driver points out how green and lovely looking the local parks were now. I hadn't been past the area in a long time.. they really were beautiful. I'm not an outdoors person, as I said, but right then, I could have easily stayed outside the rest of the day. As it was, I went home and rested my weary feet, crashing out in front of the net once again.

As for net events.. well, stuff is always happening. Not all of it I can talk about - like the stuff I've been learning about to use within the warez scene. But socially, I've been talking to lots of people, catching up and generally spending most of my time in the IRC Vampire channel that I frequent. Chatting to and learning about my new friends. Listening to their problems, watching their triumphs, knowing that we're all in the same boat, when it comes down to it.

Really wish I had time to continue, but work beckons.

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