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Anyone have a spare, decent-ish mobile phone...

...that is unlocked (or an Optus pre-paid), which I could either borrow or purchase off you for a very low price?

My Nokia 7260 is kinda dying. SMS and alarm tones and now the ringer have all started to work intermittently. Since I use the phone for texting and alarms primarily, this is a bit of a problem (not to mention that if the ringer went on it, it'd be totally useless).

Obviously beggars can't be choosers, but I'm after a phone that is as-good or better than the 7260, especially in terms of memory so it can at least hold all my current contacts. I have an old 3215 I could use, but... yeah. Only if this one dies completely. :P

I only need the phone as a temporary stop-gap until the Sony Ericsson Xperia comes out. :) I think that's sometime around June/July.


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