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Back to London, thank God...

Well, I'm over it. I'm done travelling, I just want to go home - not all the way back home to Australia, but just home to England, so I can start sorting out my next move. I had a bit of a traumatic time in Rome, losing my bag on a pub crawl, getting lost on the way back to find it and then getting lost on the way back to the pub to ask for better directions. Rome is a total headfuck if you don't have a map, and at night, it's worse. Even in the DAY it was hard to navigate to the right streets. Luckily, I joined up with another pub crawl (what are the chances?) and had a decent time drinking with a stand-up bloke from the UK. Hopefully I'll met up with him some time and have a few more pints.
After that I had to take an expensive taxi ride out to the campsite I was staying at, which was cold and bereft of any other people. *sob!*

Fortunately, I got my pack back after retracing our steps, though that was fun, in the throes of my hangover. >_>
It was still at the pub - the workers there had noticed it and put it away safely. So that was a huge relief. However, my travel buddy Reece wanted to kick on to Switzerland and catch up to the Busabout network to get back home to London. It would require spending €80 on a train ticket to Spietz, more on getting to Lauterbrunnen, and then MORE on buying extra days on Busabout, as our passes finished today. I checked my bank account, and it's in dire straighs. I dare not look at it again. I decided to stay in Rome one more night and book it to London the next day (today). Reece stuck with his plan of Switzerland. After Reece left, I booked in to a hostel for a night. Luckily I met some pretty nice Aussies there, and just chilled out watching a movie (My Big Fat Greek Wedding - not bad) and chatting with them. I'd planned to take a bus back to London, but after realising it would take about 35 hours for only a moderately cheaper price, I decided to fly. I got a good deal with a student travel agency, about €116 to get back to London, which is very respectable.

One small problem, though, is that I haven't been able to get on to my Uncle, who I'm going to stay with (I hope!) tonight. I rang his work, and apparently he's off sick, and I guess he has the phone off the hook as it always reports it as being busy. His wife will be home before I take off, so I'm sure I'll get through to them eventually - and even if I don't, I hope like hell they don't mind if I just rock up at their doorstep, late though it's going to be.

So now I'm just killing time until I have to be at the airport. I left my bag and lappy in storage at the hostel. I might get a little bit of sightseeing in before I leave, who knows. I did go to a cool bone church about half-an-hour ago, before crashing out at the internet café. Unfortunately you're not allowed to take pictures. :-/

So, yeah. I'm a little stressed, a little scared, a little lonely. But I'll soldier on - when I set foot back in the UK, I can't tell you how much better I'll feel. After being around so many non-English people, it will just be this massive, huuuuge relief to get back to a country where, if you're stuck, at least you can ask for help from someone who speaks the same native language as you, and doesn't speak with a damn European accent and broken English that makes them hard to understand. And getting back to Nikkii will be heaven. When I'm with her, it makes me feel as if there's no problem I can't solve, no mountain too big for me to conquer. She's fucking awesome, and I hope she knows it. Ki, I love you, and I'll be with you again soon, and I honestly can't wait!

Oh, and I'll tell you one other thing that always makes me feel better - giving me dear ol' Mum a call. My family's always there for me, and although they're miles and miles away, it still makes a difference to talk to them and to get their suggestions on how to sort out the messes I manage to get myself in. :)

Righto, I'm off to find something kind of productive to do. Wish me luck in getting back in to England - at least I have the stamp this time, but they still like to grill people with no working visas, and all I'll want to do is get home to bed.



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