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Sunny Santorini

Lukcily it's only €3 for one hour of net time here on the Greek Island of Santorini. Also, the local internet place has a brand spanking new XP Home machine, with a USB port RIGHT at the front! So guess what I'm doin'? That's right! Uploading, finally, all my photos. I've just got my diary entry uploaded, but that won't go live until I've linked in all the photos, and that won't happen until they're all uploaded. So now I'm just chewing up time getting them up, and money, but hey, you only live once.

I've got a bit of a cold at the moment, probably not helped by the fact I spent 28 hours on a ferry, and had to sleep on the floor overnight - and then, did the same thing again on a 9 hour ferry two nights later. I'm hoping that, now that I'm on Santorini and it's bloody hot, I can start to recover a bit. Even if it got as bad as a flamingly sore throat, I wouldn't be complaining, I'd be out on our little 50cc moped scooter that we hired, hooning around the island.

After I left Prague, I got to a place called Cesky Kromlov, still in the Czech Republic. It's a gorgeous little town, sooooo cheap! There were no rooms left at the hostel our bus took us to, so Reece and I stayed somewhere else, and I'm very thankful we did - I've heard of at least 5 people who got their packs stolen from the default hostel, and some weird shit was happening there too. Our hostel was nice, cosy, and safe.

After Cesky, we did a long haul trip to get to Venice. From Cesky to Vienna, Vienna to Munich, and Munich to Venice. A long way. Plus, in Munich we went on a massive pub crawl, and I didn't get to bed until 5:30am (and had to get up at 6:30am to catch a bus at 8am). So that hurt, but the crawl was a lot of fun. And really, Munich is ALL about the beer - some of the best beer in the world, the only stuff that's on par is the Heineken you can get in Holland, and some of the Czech beer is fantastic.

Venice was great - no end to the photos I could take there. It smelt a little, though you get used to that quickly. It was pretty much everything that I expected, but it was still great to wander around, over the hundreds of bridges that connect all the small islands together. Piazza di San Marko was also a sight to behold. I guess having hit so many European cities so quickly, I've been a little spoilt - I must say that there's not much in Venice that would hold my attention. It might be a good place to explore for maybe a week, but I'd want to move on after that.

I think I'm allergic to ferry rides. Ok, well, not allergic.. but I don't like spending 28 hours on a ferry - though I have to do it all again on the way back. We went from Venice to Patras, leaving at 3pm and arriving at about 9pm, and then from there a three hour bus to Athens. We only spent one day in Athens, taking a 9 hour overnight ferry to Santorini, where I've been for the last 2 days. We're heading to Ios tomorrow (one hour), and then the day after, back to Athens, straight over to Patras and then to Ancona so we can get to Rome.

After that, we hope to catch up with our bus network in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Then we'll head back to London via Paris. I've got a couple of parties to go to there, and then hopefully my good friend will be flying in, and we'll start organising some work over in Ireland.

Everyone keeps telling me that Ireland is excellent, and I'm happy to hear that, because to be honest, I miss England. Heh, I said that to my friend Andy, and he nearly choked, having lived there all his life. But really, it's so safe and friendly... my love is there, and I miss her a lot... really, it's a great place to be. I know I'm going to enjoy it when I eventually get my working visa and live there for a couple of years. Plus, I've heard all the stories - I know not to work in London (and really, why would any sensible person want to?), I know what pays well and what doesn't, and how some things work. But ah, that's not for a while, yet.

I'm hoping that I will be able to live cheaply over in Ireland, because I want to save up money to backpack in Australia. Ki will be going over next year, and I want to go with her for the duration. Hopefully I won't need to go back before then - however, I was planning on going to the USA in February. I don't know how this is going to fit in to my current plans - maybe I can go there for a few weeks, just as a 'holiday' from work? I'll burn that bridge when I come to it.

Well... I guess that's all. Anything more is just waffle. Hell, most of this is just waffle, isn't it? I'm due for a moped ride up to the highest point on the island after all these photos are done uploading, hopefully I'll get some good shots.

Anyways, take care all... miss you, Ki...


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