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Mondayitus, kinda

Hoo boy I am bored today. Ultra-productive, but bored. Pumping out DVDs en mass for the 12 winners of the Tattersall's project. Replace files in DVD Studio Pro project, encode and burn, rinse, repeat. In the meantime, browsing the net, but not much to see out there.

Gonna head down to Big W again this afternoon and see if they have some new Blu-ray discs in. If not, gonna go to JB and see if they will price-match. I've been reading up on the situation and it seems hit and miss as to whether they will honour Big W's deal or not. Ezydvd seems to be another place to try to get a price-match deal. Hopefully I can turn up some hits.

*yawn* Anyone doing anything INTERESTING?

Tags: miscellanious, work

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