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Die Hard 4.0 (Live Free and Die Hard)

Went and saw this on Saturday afternoon. It was everything I was expecting - massive explosions, a heap of bullets, implausible survivability by the main characters, blood stains that don't stay the same place from shot to shot/scene to scene, and overall just a damn heap of fun! And it certainly delivered in spades.

I'm happy to overlook non-blood continuity and the "yeah right, what are the chances?" moments, because they're part and parcel of an action flick. The WORST moment in the film was a piece of truly shocking editing, which I'm pretty sure was due to bad planning. The film cuts between a wide shot where we see Bruce Willis and Justin Long, Bruce close to camera and Justin a few meters back, and a tighter mid-shot of Justin. For about 5 - 10 seconds, none of Justin's dialogue synchs to his lips. I hope the director cringes every time he sees that scene - it was sloppy planning. I choose to believe the editor had no choice but to make the most of what he had, because it was so bad that it could only have been left in due to limited choice.

In any case the film is entertaining and quite epic in scale for an action flick - masses of extras, huge set peices... the feeling of chaos and panic was palpable in a lot of scenes.

EDIT: I haven't said enough good things, upon re-reading! The first action sequence was absolutely brilliant, and I don't think it could have been better. Throughout the entire film, the cinematography, stunt work, CG - everything was completely awesome. I just had a look through IMDB's 'Goofs' list, and there's a whole heap, including my issue. But really, none of this subtracts from what is a brilliant escapism action flick. One of the best action films I've seen in a long time.

Oh, and everyone was running Hollywood OS! My favourite OS! The OS that doesn't exist anywhere, ever, except in the movies, where things need to look flashy and convey the information the audience needs to know, like how long the download has left to go, or how long until everything fucking explodes... shit like that. The OS that is SO damn cool, only Hollywood can use it.

Worth a watch on the big screen if you're an action-flick fan.

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