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Accidentally Rez

Oh, I forgot to mention I accidentally won an auction on eBay (accidentally for eBayers is when you put in the first, minimum bid and then forget about it, because you assume people will try to outbid you) for a copy of the PS2 game 'Rez'. It's a promo copy, so it doesn't have the proper disc artwork and it doesn't come with a manual, but other than that it's the full game. It cost me $44 AUD all up, and it normally goes for $80 - $100 (before postage) on eBay, because it's a 'rare' game.

Rez makes it on to a few 'top PS2 games' lists, and ever since I first read about it I thought it would be an interesting game to play. So... yay. Another cool game to add to the PS2 pile. ^_^

Tags: gaming, minipost
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