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Is that a 24" in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Took the monitor home on public transport, carried it two blocks home. My arms are really, seriously killing me today... but here I am sitting in front of 24" loveliness, and I decree it worthy of some pain.

Getting rid of the two CRTs gave me a lot of room - putting the PC under the desk as I've been planning to has given me even more space. I vacuumed up all the dust and cleaned up a bit, then set up the new monitor. It's pretty sweet. Colours aren't spot on, but I'm running the PC via analogue and I can make adjustments. I'll run the Mac via DVI for editing purposes, so colours will be accurate by default. And I'm still getting used to the native brightness of the panel itself. But it's great.

Played the obligatory game of Quake 3, which of course kinda looks like ass in a huge resolution that's not native to the monitor (I think the highest Q3 will do is 1600x1200), so I threw on Half-Life Episode 1 at 1920x1200, 4xAA and 16xAS, and that was pretty cool. The colour shift was bugging me for a bit, but as I said I'll adjust it later. Also checked out some xvids, both from DVD and HDTV sources - I really love the way the HDTV stuff looks. Full-screen and not terribly compressed, it's really nice.

The monitor acts as a USB hub as well, so I'm wondering whether instead of a KVM I could get a USB hub and plug the keyboard and mouse in to the monitor, and the monitor in to a hub, and the hub in to the PC and the Mac? Don't know about the compatibility of all that, nor whether I can feed a hub in to two machines, but if I can't find another solution it looks like I'll be shelling out ~$250 for a KVM.

Still undecided on sound... 5.1 would be lovely, but I don't *really* need it, plus I'd like the ability to play sound from two sources at once, and I can get that from a pair of monitors for about $80. So yeah, undecided.

Anyhow, as usual I'm late for work, so I'd best get moving.

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