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I'm here!

Even though I lost my boarding pass for the first plane, later finding it in my pocket.. even though I was crammed sardine-like into a plane, wedged between 2 people for over 17 hours... even though Heathrow Immigration detained me for two hours whilst they rang people and scoured my case....

I'm here!

I could write about everything here, but I won't. I'm keeping a travel diary, and will post it all up online when the website is ready to go - at the moment it's under construction.

Ki met me at Paddington station on my way through to Bedford, where my uncle lives, and where I'm staying. Hehehe.. she was cute as she bounded down the stairs to the train platform I was on, in her funky outfit. ;) We're catching up tomorrow to spend the day together, which I'm quite looking forward to. :)

I went for a stroll around Bedford today, just to see what was what. I was told it was a small town, but bloody hell there's people everywhere! Hate to think what inner-London is going to be like, or some place like Leeds or Manchester, bigger cities than this small town.
It was gorgeously sunny, and I had a fun couple of hours checking out all the shops, goggling at the outrageous prices, noticing all the differences between how things are done here than back home. AND I didn't get lost, which was a major plus. Then again, everything is only five or six streets away.. pretty good, really.

Right, that's all, I think. I'll let you guys and gals know when the website is up and running.



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