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God of Kebab: The 300 IMAX Experience

Swamped with work at the moment, but I wanna make a quick post.

Went out with Geoff last night to the IMAX and watched '300'. It was the first time Geoff had been to IMAX, but the second time both of us had watched the movie - I watched it in a regular cinema back home with my old man, and he watched it on his PC on a small screen. So seeing at IMAX was pretty cool and we both enjoyed it.

I ate way too much food yesterday. In the afternoon Adeline and I went down to Brunswick Street for brunch, where I had a massive plate of French Toast covered with maple syrup and a side order of bacon, washed down with a banana/caramel milkshake. What I couldn't finish, I gave to Adeline, and took her massive bowl of fries. It was a great brunch. Cheap too. I can now recommend "Joe's Garage".

Shortly after was when we found out about Geoff booking his return flight for the wrong day, so he had to book another flight for the Sunday, and then THAT flight being cancelled. So he trekked back to my place and I let him get angry with God of War for a while before we made plans to go to the IMAX.

Before the IMAX though, we stopped off at LAMBS KEBABS. I've probably not spoken much here about Lambs, but it's a bit of a local legend with us. They have excellent kebabs, and they're always open after shows and concerts and whatnot, and a great place to stop on the way home after a big night.

Anyway, I was full from the brunch and all the beer we'd been drinking before we left the house. What I wanted was a mixed kebab, but I made the mistake of asking for 'Double Meat', which is what I thought it was. The kebab I got - well. Let's just say we were making jokes like "Which tree did they cut down and wrap up to make this kebab?" To say it was thick would be an understatement. It wasn't just a kebab, it was an uber kebab. It was King Kebab. It was the Kebab to end all Kebabs. Not even a porn star specialising in deep throating large black men could fit this in her mouth all at once.

I got through 3/4 of it - more than half, it must be re-iterated - and that was a bloody miracle. What I couldn't finish, I binned at the IMAX, and both Geoff and I will attest to the floor actually shaking as it hit the bottom of the bin. I can quite happily say I've been KEBOWNED.

Fuckin' awesome weekend, though.

Tags: film, food, friends, in-joke, life, stupidity

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