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Posting now more because I can and not because I want to. Sitting out in the lounge with Adeline's laptop while watching Big Brother. Shut up, yes, I'm watching it. It's entertaining. :)

I still hate reality TV in principle. It's just a shame that currently it's an entertaining show to watch - at least, the most entertaining for its timeslot which is when I typically want to watch something these days.

That said, recently a mate of mine burnt off every episode of the Late Show on to DVDs for me. It was a labour of love for the original guy that compiled them, as most episodes have been lost by the ABC, or will never be aired again due to legal and/or copyright reasons. But by getting the fans to send in their VHS or other media, he managed to get every episode in decent quality, and built menus for all the DVDs. Quite an impressive set.

I just spent a long, long time looking for the guys's website, to no avail. I'll have to ask mickeyjuice about it, since he was the one who originally found the guys's site and bought the DVDs off of him.

Ok, so now there's nothing much on TV, I'm hungry and want to game before bed. Also, Adeline is watching me type everything as we speak. Which isn't creepy at all. No sir. Umm... okay. She's giggling and stuff. Uhh... maybe she wants her laptop back? I dunno. The battery's running kinda low, but the power cord's like all the way over the other side of the be- I mean, couch. So uh, maybe I'll pass it back to her so she can plug it in and I can go make my dinner.

And stuff. :D


P.S. No. Seriously Adeline. Stop watching me! STOP IT! I'M NOT KIDDING! I know I'm smiling and you're still giggling and everything but sheesh! Okay. I'm done. :)
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