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The great PS2 debacle of 2007

I need to vent, but I'll try to keep this one short. Short in relation to the way I normally post. ;)

nsanity_au alerted me to the fact that Electronics Boutique were having a special on pre-owned PS2s. At only $109 AUD, it was too good to pass up, especially as they were giving a 12 month warranty.

So I managed to nab the last one from the closest EB on my way home from work, as well as three games that I want to play - Canis Canum Edit (more commonly known as Bully) and God of War 2, both brand new and half-price. I also picked up a used memory card and a pre-owned copy of God of War. The whole kit set me back $255, and I was quite happy with that.

Fast forward to this long weekend. All I wanted to do was play God of War all weekend, but it turns out the console's drive is stuffed. It won't read the disc, nor will it read GoW2, so I know it's not the pre-owned disc that's at fault. Bully, ironically, runs fine - I wanted to hold off on playing it, but since it's all I had I've been playing it non-stop (and it's brilliant, by the way, but that's off topic).

I called EB and told them of my predicament. They said they didn't have any more pre-owned PS2s, and neither did the Elizabeth Street store. So I could either wait for another one to come in, or I could pay the difference and get a brand new console.

Now, even though I agreed to pay the difference, I was pretty pissed off - moreso when they wouldn't even offer me an iota of a discount or anything for my trouble. I mean, what it felt like is that I'd been suckered in by the promise of a cheap PS2, shafted when I found out it was faulty, and then forced to buy a new one because who knows when another pre-owned would be handed in, and who knows if it won't have the same problem? If I had've waited, I could've got the same deal or better off eBay or the like. Hell, even a pawn shop. And they probably would've given me a similar warranty.

To make matters worse, the girl who served me both times - when I bought the original console and now today the new one - really acted like a complete and utter bitch. Now, I've worked in customer service. I'm an easy guy to please. Even if you say that you are REALLY sorry but that your hands are tied and you really can't offer me anything at all, I'll be likely to say sure, no problem - I know it's not your fault, you're just doing what you're told and covering your ass. Hell, even if you're lying to my face - but lying to my face POLITELY - I'll be likely to be agreeable.

But to turn your nose up at me like I'm some second-class citizen because YOU have fucked up and all I want is a good deal and some recompense for my troubles? Fuck you. You're the reason I try not to shop at EB; you desk monkeys who know nothing about gaming, but at least SHOULD know something about customer service - and you can't even do THAT right. It was all I could do to force the word "Ta" out of my mouth through my clenched teeth when she handed me the console, all "ta-dah!" like.

So the way I'm feeling right now is mixed. On the one hand I'm happy to have a PS2, and I don't mind spending my money on the console and the games, because heaven knows I've bypassed spending a lot of money on software in my life. I have no qualms about doing some legit spending. But on the other, I feel like I can't really enjoy my purchase, because I can't help but feel I got screwed in the deal. I ENJOY shopping around, squeezing the best deal - it makes the eventual purchase, something I've waited a long time for, all the sweeter. But not this time. This time I feel like I got a dick in my ass - which ironically enough is exactly what I feel that girl behind the EB counter hasn't had enough of.

Gonna go fuck some shit up in GoW - nothing like venting my anger on the very machine I'm angry about.

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