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Nailed It

What with the recent concerts and everything, Nine Inch Nails has been getting a bit of discussion time from me in the office. Dean, who is a music-lover and musician, said he wouldn't mind getting some of their stuff to have a listen to. I looked at him dubiously. "Okay, but I really don't think it's the sort of music you would enjoy."
He gave me a knowing look and said "Well, you never know!"
So I burned him off a CD with Fragile, And All That Could Have Been, With Teeth and Year Zero on it.

A couple of weeks later, I'd pretty much forgotten all about it, until he brought it up while we were going over some stuff. It was kind of like "We have to do this job, and then we should print out the invoices for this, and here," he says, handing me back the CD with a smile, "You were right." I sort of took it and looked confused for a second before busting up laughing.

Can't say I didn't warn him! I wonder how much he got through before giving up? My bet is he didn't even make it through "Somewhat Damaged". ;)

Tags: comedy, music, nine inch nails, work

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