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This week is full!

My jaw stopped hurting like hell - a very good thing. It was a little stiff when I got up this morning, but now there's only a dull pain when I open my jaw wide, which I don't usually do anyways.

Got a decent amount done today. Went down the street and inquired about traveller's cheques and hard currency at the travel agents. I decided to get $100 AUD worth of traveller's cheques, and $100 AUD worth of hard UK currency, which cost about $215 AUD. I had lunch with mum before I got the money out (creamy potato soup - very nice, but a little watery, I had a MUCH better one during a previous lunch), and she was kind enough to buy me the Lonely Planet book I had my eye on, because she got a discount through work.

I went down to the travel agents again after quickly stopping off at another shop across town to look at laptop carry cases - they were fairly cheap, I think I'm going to take my lappy in tomorrow and pick out the smallest one and get it. Anyways, at the travel agents I organised to obtain the cheques and currency, and paid for it, though I won't be able to pick it up until Thursday.

I also figured out which travel insurance I am going to take out, however to do so I need to get a receipt for the camera I'm going to buy, showing it's valued at over $500 (which it is), and I also have to have a value for the laptop. I've got no idea how much it's worth, so I took it down to a PC shop and asked for a quote on it. Although they said they'd get to it in 5 minutes, dad was waiting in the car, and they did have other customers, so I told them I'd pick it up tomorrow (which works out well - I can pick it up on my way to purchase a carry case for it).

We had a small meeting at work tonight to review proceedures. I only went because they were offering free pizza and softdrink. :)
It's not like anything they had to say I:
a) Didn't already know, or
b) Would need to know in, say, the coming 6 or so months. :P

Two peices of pizza, three garlic bread slices and some soft-drink later, I was back home and we'd decided to have a chinese banquet as the last family dinner we'd spend together for a while. It was GREAT! Deep Purple - Made In Japan in the background, a nice beer, honey chicken, sweet and sour pork, mongolian lamb (which I didn't get a chance to try unfortunately) a few spring rolls and some lovely fried rice. mmmmmmMMMMYUMMY!

Now I'm just chilling out, drinking some red wine and ignoring my bedroom which is screaming out to be cleaned. I've got to have lunch with a girl friend of mine tomorrow, as it's the last time I'll get to see her before I leave, and also do the laptop thing. If I have time then, I'll get rid of any rubbish and recyclable stuff before/after work, as the bins go on Thursday night.

Whew! I'm exhausted already. I'm off to see if they've updated Strong Bad's E-mail yet.

Night all!


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