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The stuff of nightmares

"A lot of my nightmares when I was a kid started with me going into a room and flicking the light switch, when the light didn't come on, I knew something horrible was going to happen! So I don't sleep in a room where the light has blown." - tahnee

I hope, then, that you always have the chance to change your light-bulb before bedtime, cause I don't have that luxury and there's no way I'm not sleeping in my bed. And besides that, don't you sleep with the light out anyway?

Believe it or not my two greatest nightmares stemmed from LP albums my dad had. One was "War of the Worlds", which honestly scared me witless at the time, as much as I loved the song that went "The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one, he said. The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one - but still, they come!" DUN-DUN-DUUUHHNNN.. DUH-NA NAAAH NUH-NA NAAAH, DUN DUN DUN!!! Epic song, that.

The other nightmare came from the album cover from the record "Sound Effects of Death and Horror". Why my father had this record, I still don't know, but it was really cool! They had people chopping lettuces in half down as "Decapitation", and all this other awesome stuff. They told you how they made the actual sound effect alongside what it was supposed to sound like. The audio itself wasn't scary at all. But the cover was nightmarish... had a hollow-eyed person screaming with cobwebs coming out of their mouth... it would've given ANYONE nightmares. In the end my mother made him put it up the top of their closet so I wouldn't accidentally see it. :)

It makes me laugh now, the memories of that. And it's odd that we still go out of our way to try and scare ourselves as badly as we scared ourselves when we were kids, with horror movies and scary rides and stuff. Hooray for humanity's twisted psyche!

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