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FILLING in time at the Dentists (Oh, I kill me sometimes!)

Ow. Ok, well it wasn't so bad today. It was raining so my sister and I got a taxi down the street (she had to go to work an hour after my dentist's appointment, so we just shared one down the street). After waiting a while in the waiting room (which wasn't so bad - there was a paper there with an article about Arnold Schwartzenegger running for candidacy in California, which I'm interested in) they ushered me in, and... there was a work experience girl.. or maybe a trainee.. who was going to help out.

Now, normally, I wouldn't mind. BUT. This is the second time I've had to have something done (the time before it was an ingrown toenail) where there was an assistant or some such helping. If it's one thing I want my appointment at the dentists to be, it's QUICK. So I really hate it when, after he puts wads of cotton soaker things in my mouth, gagging me almost to the point where I can't breathe (I have a cold) and want to throw up, he stops to give tips to his trainee. *sigh*

An interesting bit was where he mentioned that he'd be taking 15 minutes to do everything.
That's how long you get for a break at work. This will all be over in a very short amount of time.
"Ok now, open wide for me... that's it..." *poke, poke, scrape, scrape...*
So what am I getting this time? Well, I'll probably get a meat pie.. Ok, so over I go to get the pie... I'm walking..
"Can you pass me the drill? Thanks." *WhreeeeeeeeeZZZZZZZZZZZZ*
I'm walking QUICKLY to get the pie.. ok, I'm wrapping it up now...
*ZZZZzzzzzrrrr, poke poke, scrape, scrape, etc.*
I'm at the checkouts now.. am I paying by EFTPOS, or cash?
Cash, cash damnit! Argh!

And so it went. I got out in a surprisingly quick time, and the entire left side of my face was numb, which is always an odd sensation, let me tell you. :)
I took the opportunity, since I was down the street, to check my credit shiznat at the bank, and that's all good (my limit increase is just on my card, I don't need a new one, which is good). Scoped prices on Lonely Planet travel books, and caught up with a friend of mine at her work. After looking around the shops for long enough, and not wanting to walk home (though it had stopped raining), waited around and caught a bus home.

The only other thing I did today was ring the travel agent and check to see whether my ticket was in, which it is! Yay!
I'm going to go down tomorrow (err, today), pick it up, and organise to get some traveller's cheques and hard Brittish currency just to cover me in case of emergencies.
One more week to go. :)


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