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Crysis and Cry Engine 2

If you're at all in to gaming, particularly FPS's (First Person Shooters), you've probably heard about "Crysis". If you haven't, it's Crytek's new game coming out hopefully in the not-too-distant future. Crytek made "Far Cry" which was an unexpected hit for various reasons. This time around, many people already predict that Crysis will be a massive hit, if not for its game-play then, as was the case with Far Cry, the technological breakthroughs of their engine, the brand new Cry Engine 2.

If you'd like to view some of those technological breakthroughs, I suggest you hit up the Crysis Media Page on Gamespot, and check out the newest video, "Crysis Official Trailer 5", added March 30th, 2007.

If you're not a big gaming geek then it might not have as much impact on you, but I was literally stunned at some of what they've been able to achieve with this engine. The potential is absolutely massive, the immersion levels are unprecedented.

The older trailers, which show more gameplay footage, were good, but didn't convince me that Crysis would be worth spending money upgrading my computer just to play. This technological video, however, is really making me think twice. And with Bioshock just around the corner... my hand may be forced.

In any case... go watch that video. It's crazy.

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