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Eragon Ebay Auction story

I'm digitising a video this morning so I've got a bit of time for a general update.

Even though I got more sleep than normal I still feel kind of drowsy and slow this morning. I missed my stop on the tram in to work, and caught another tram one stop back - one stop is a longer walk than you'd think, AND it's uphill. Still I was late, not that anyone minds. I mind. Which is almost worse, since no one can torture you like yourself.

Anyway, how about some GOOD stuff, mm? Here's a story I've been meaning to write up. I also have another one I've been meaning to write up, but by the time I finish this one, my tape will have finished digitising.

The Eragon Ebay Auction

A box-set of the two hard-cover Christopher Paolini novels, Eragon and Eldest. I don't know WHY I wanted them, but you've got to admit, even if you hate the books, the man, the movie, whatever, the books themselves LOOK quite nice. And I can't resist a good box-set, nor a good deal.

I was winning this particular auction for the set. My max bid was $43.99, but it was currently at $33. The particular day it was set to go off, we'd sent out at big Video News Release at work, so I was also watching the news broadcasts to see if we'd made it on. I was bouncing back and forth between the lounge and my room, the TV and my PC. With 10 minutes to go, bidders started 'probing' the price. Pushed it from $33 to $36.55, then to $39, then to $42. I was winning by $1.99 with five minutes to go.

I settled in to out-snipe whoever decided they were going to snipe the auction out from under me. I was constantly hitting the refresh button. There was no changes, and I was at the 2 minute mark. I knew everything would happen in the last few seconds anyway. My plan was to throw in a bid of $53.99 at the last moment. There I was, calmly hitting refresh every few seconds... we were down to a minute thirty seconds... refresh... refresh...

...until suddenly I got a page error. Page not found. I blinked. Turning to check the router, my first instinct in such a situation, revealed the worst had happened - my connection had completely dropped out. I swore. NOW, of all times! Just over a minute to go! Knowing there was nothing I could do I just fumed quietly and glared at the router...

...when just as suddenly as it had gone off, the light blinked back on again. A piercing ray of LED hope. The router began its initialisation routine, began its slow work bringing me back online...

Come on, come on you bastard... the light finally began flashing indicating that it was connecting, and then started blinking again - I was back!

REFRESH. The page began to load. My hands were shaking with adrenaline, and I was trying to keep calm. The page loaded. I didn't stop to read anything, I knew I'd have been outbid. As I was typing in my planned bid, the corner of my eye caught the time remaining in the auction: 11 seconds. I hit the place bid button. Confirm? Yes. The new page loads. It takes me at least five seconds to digest all of the following information:

Bid entered successfully.
You are currently the highest bidder.
Time left in auction: 1 second.

Blink. Blink. Hey, I won.

I doubt any other ebay auction will come close to being this touch-and-go.

Here's the bid history, up for the next few days: Item Bid History

Someone had outbid me with $45 at the 14 second mark. My bid ended up being $46. at the 1 second mark. Boy I bet THAT guy was pissed. :D

I'll screenshot it at some point, make a record of it.

EDIT: here's the composited screenshot: AwesomeEbayWin

Oh, and just before I settled in for the out-snipe, they played our VNR on SBS. I was happy to see footage I'd worked hard to obtain and cut together being used on TV. :)

I hope the books are good. The auction was certainly pretty cool!

Okay, back to work.

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