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eBay Rage

Argh, fuckityfuckityfuckfuck!

I was going to snipe a Neil Gaiman book off ebay today, and when it got to 15 seconds I typed in my bid and hit the "Place Bid" button, but for some reason my browser decided that it wouldn't make it clickable!!!!

By the time I'd refreshed, re-entered, and click "Place Bid" again, it was gone, and very cheaply too. Fucking ropeable! >_<;;;;

I think Firefox doesn't like eBay's little "Refresh" button. From now on, I'll be refreshing manually. Grrrrrrr.


edit: fixed typo. Thanks, you Atho! ;P :D
Tags: computers, ebay, geekery, internet, rant, reading, stupidity

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