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He's got a bike... he's got a sentient bike with good taste...

[10:21] <Azrael> Thorn, shannon noll is in hospital ^_^
[10:22] <Azrael> That'll learn him to be all mass manufactured and stuff
[10:22] <Thorn> Is he? Did someone run him over with a BIG BLACK FUCKING SHINY CAR?!!! I fucking hope so.
[10:22] <Azrael> He owned his leg on a bike on his farm
[10:22] <Azrael> (10:18:14) <@Lunatik>
[10:22] <Azrael> (10:18:47) <+Azmarael> LMFAO
[10:22] <Azrael> (10:19:21) <+Azmarael> Its the dicky little chin brush
[10:22] <Azrael> (10:19:29) <+Azmarael> Threw him off balance, BAM down he goes
[10:23] <Thorn> Well then someone should have got a BIG BLACK SHINY CAR down there pronto and run the bastard over while we had the chance!
[10:23] <Thorn> Now there'll be no stopping him!
[10:23] <Azrael> Hahaha


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