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Putting words in her mouth

My sister asked me if I could help her type up her PD/Health/PE assignment for school. I'm much quicker at typing than she is, so I didn't mind helping her out. I opened up WinVNC (VNC = Virtual Network Computing - allows you to remotely control one computer from another) and accessed the computer she was working on - my mum's, on the other side of my room. She began dictating and I typed everything out.

Then we got to one of her closing paragraphs. It refers to her diet, and what she eats.

I am very aware of what I put in me.

Well. I started chuckling, which set her off laughing, which started me laughing. Eventually we calmed down and I suggested she change it to "I am very aware of what I eat".

The paragraph continued. For the sake of continuity, I'll leave the original version in.

I am very aware of what I put in me, and how much energy I am using.

And off I went again, which set her off, which just made me laugh even more. This time the laugher was tear inducing. I couldn't even look at my sister, I had my head in my hands, doubled over in my seat with laughter. It was at least 2 or 3 minutes before I could calm myself sufficiently to continue typing.

I am very aware of what I put in me, and how much energy I am using. I try to balance this out.

I don't know how I finished typing that last part, I was shaking with laughter even before I was done. It was at least another 3 minutes before I could finish typing up her document. My gut is aching from laughter, but it's a great feeling. :D
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